It's hard to find the perfect Valentine's Day card, or to write a heartfelt letter to someone you hate. We want to make this holiday that sucks, suck less. So we're giving you the tools to get wild and create or share the perfect Valentine with whoever the wild you want.

Writing a strongly worded letter can be a challenge, even for the strongest wordsmith. Especially to someone you once shared a toothbrush with. We've taken care of the hard part; you just need to give us a few details and boom - you'll have a strongly worded letter ready to blow up your ex's spot.

( Ex's Name ) ( Verb ending in -ing ) ( Synonym of Tired ) ( Positive Adjective ) ( Noun ) ( Favorite Sauce ) ( Least Favorite Sauce ) ( Dessert Topping ) ( Another name ) ( Adjective ) ( Your Name )


Dear Ex's Name,

This is really hard for me, but I think we have to split up. I've been Verb ing a lot recently. I mean a lot... And I'm just tired of you never wanting to go to The Wing. You always say that other wing place is adjective, but we know it's negative. It always has been.

I'm more of a favorite type, and you're more of a least favorite type. That just doesn't mix, it's disgusting. I mean, I saw you dip your wings in dessert topping. What is wrong with you!? Anyway another name, or whatever your name is. I'm done. I think you're a adjective person but/and it's just not going to work out. #SorryNotSorry

your name

Dear lover's name,

Recently, I've been Verb ing a lot about you and how happy you make me. Before you I was tired of love. Then you came around and made me feel adjective instead of like negative.

When I see you I'm reminded of the favorite wings we shared on our first date. That feeling could even make least favorite wings taste good. You're sweeter than dessert topping and I'm so happy you left another name for me. This is the adjective of my life and I'm so happy to spend it with you.

Love you as ever,
your name


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